Manga cropping script for Photoshop

I’ve made this script probably around a year ago by now. Most of the time spent on it was looking around the Photoshop CS6 JavaScript reference/guide, making some copy-pastes, and trial and error because I had never ever used JavaScript or made scripts for Photoshop before. It’s probably pretty crude-looking and inefficient if you decide to mess with the code, but it works. I made it (mostly) for my own convenience so I didn’t really mind.

I’m releasing this now is because I’ve stopped working on it a while ago. I could add some extra things, such as cropping from the horizontal as well as the vertical part of the borders instead of only the vertical ones as it is right now, but because I rarely faced a manga that doesn’t have many vertical borders (Maybe’s series, for example) and that I couldn’t cheat by just using the paper’s borders instead, I couldn’t get motivated enough to include it.

You can get it here:

Uramikoi, Koi, Uramikoi. ch01

New series, thought it’s already been serialized a while ago, and I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, too. The problem is that the first chapter is pretty long, as you’ll see, so it took me a lot of motivation and certain pushes to finally be able to release it. It’ll probably fill the void Inari will leave once the final chapter hits, or maybe Inari will be the last series I do.

Grab it here. Dunno at what pace I’ll be moving with this. Inari is probably up next.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha. ch44

Whew! It’s been a while. I had to go through a lot of stuff last semester, and then I got busy with my family visiting during the holidays. Well, to keep it short, here is the new (old) chapter. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the next chapters out without much delays. Current chapter in Japan is 47 – Looks like I have some catching up to do!

By the way, it looks like Inari will be ending around chapter 50, or maybe earlier or later. I’m sad.

Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare ch00

New series by Moriyama Daisuke (World Embryo) And Tarou Yokou (Drakengard). Also A joint with Substitute Scans. It was just nine pages, so I translated and gave the rest to them, since we were both interested in doing it. And then this release happened. Inari coming soon, since I’m kind of busy these days and haven’t got the time to do much of anything with this being the exception (the class I did this on was boring me to death). It’s already translated though. That aside, you can grab the chapter here.

Edit: After a quick talk with Takuo, we decided to not keep doing this series. Dropped before it even began properly.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun ch71

I did this on a complete whim. It’s also close to being one year since I last did a chapter, so I thought, why not? And it looks like I also picked a weirdly amusing chapter to do. Here‘s the link to it.

Nowadays, reading this series raw suffices for me, which is why I hadn’t done anything this past year and also why I can’t guarantee I’ll do much more than this.